Call for Papers (English version) German Market Research Congress 2020

Do you have an exciting, empirical contribution to the following questions?

  • Homogeneity in times of maximum heterogeneity: How can segmentations be meaningfully used in times of maximum individualisation? Do well-tried segmentations still fit in with the hybrid consumer?
  • From personas to persons: Where can personas bring real added value for getting the attention of consumers?
  • State of the art: Which variables/data, models and methods offer new and exciting approaches to customer segmentation and formation of personas?
  • Method mix/multi-source: How to best use the combination of qualitative and quantitative studies to identify and enrich customer segments or personas? How can survey and measurement data be used profitably?
  • Best practices: What added value does customer segmentation provide in other studies on topics such as pricing, new product development or communications?
  • Success factors: What aspects ensure that customer segmentations or personas establish themselves as true currency in companies? And how can they be identified and used as part of further studies?
  • Generalisability vs. granularity: Do holistic segmentations provide sufficient basis for the different marketing activities or are different segmentations required for these tasks? What procedures and guidelines help to determine the ideal number of consumer clusters?
  • Segmentation in the new marketing age: What fields of application and added value do customer segmentations deliver in the age of digital and agile marketing?

Then apply as a speaker with your contribution for the industry highlight on the 8th and 9th of June 2020 in Frankfurt am Main.

What awaits you?

  • A central platform for the exchange of industry knowledge and networking
  • An interested audience and the feedback of around 300 specialists and managers
  • Comprehensive advance communication through BVM and specialist media (digital and print)
  • The possibility of participating in the competition for the best congress lecture "Ulrike Schöneberg Award"
  • Follow-up reporting in BVM inbrief

Tips for a successful application

Present an original - Contributions that have already been presented or published in German-speaking regions (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) will not be approved for the convention. If you have already published or presented your contribution at an event outside of German-speaking regions, please inform the program committee accordingly.

Get to the point - Describe your idea or approach as precisely as possible. Make the decision easier for the program committee by expressing everything essential in your abstract (using about 4,000 characters).

Do not shy away from specializing - Illustrate what the special strengths of your contribution and your know-how are.

Meet the deadlines - Please note the specified submission dates.

Less is more - A maximum of two speakers will give presentations. For each contribution accepted into the convention program, one person is given the opportunity to attend the convention on the day of his/her presentation free of charge.

Present creatively - Limit the number of slides to 20 - 25.

Refrain from self-promotion - Rather than a sales pitch, your contribution has to be a professional and objective examination of an issue or problem.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Call for Papers

Are presentations submitted in response to this call for papers eligible for the German Market Research Award?
Before submitting your presentation, please decide whether you want to respond to this call for papers or compete for the German Market Research Award. Competing with the same contribution in both competitions is not an option.

Who evaluates the submitted contributions?
The BVM Program Committee decides on the contributions, which will be part of the congress program.

Who serves in the BVM Program Committee?
The program committee members are market researchers who work in commercial and institutional settings. The members are excluded from submitting contributions in response to the call for papers and may not compete for the German Market Research Award.

Who selects the "Best presentation" (Ulrike Schöneberg Award)?
The congress participants choose the best presentation by a live voting process.

When do people who responded to the call for papers learn whether their contribution was accepted?
First, we let you know that we received your contribution. If you do not receive such a confirmation of receipt, please contact us as early as possible. We will let you know whether we accepted your contribution by the end of February 2020.