54th Congress of German Market Research 2019 Smart solutions for economic success: New, hybrid and integrated approaches

Smart solutions are the focus of the BVM Congress 2019, which will take place on 20 and 21 May 2019 in Hamburg's Empire Riverside Hotel. Around 300 specialists and executives from market research will participate to discuss current and innovative research approaches, studies and methods that are particularly concerned with the topic of the future.

The future is always the great unknown, and even greater is the need to shape it successfully: with market research and related disciplines. With proven, new, hybrid and integrated approaches. Data-driven and creative, through reflection, analysis and experimentation.

And not only the distant future in 2050 is exciting. "The next big thing" or success in the next quarter must be professionally accompanied and ensured. Always with the requirement to use the past as an explanatory aid, but to identify opportunities and risks for the future as early as possible before they occur.

How is this supposed to work? Much of what seems to be the future is already reality or is becoming reality. Between today, tomorrow and the distant future, between understanding consumers and predicting the future, there is room for creativity, imagination and facts, for ideas and their implementation. Visions are in demand.

Particularly creative and visionary approaches to shaping the future will be presented at the BVM Congress 2019 - through expert lectures, case studies and keynotes that allow participants to look beyond their own horizons. Innovative methods are presented with which the future can be predicted and modelled. It shows examples of intelligent method combinations to explain the future and how our industry can help shape a successful business model for the future - including inspiring insights into other industries. But it will also be about risks, dealing with uncertainties and the contribution that self-learning systems can make. And last but not least, the market researcher of the future will be the focus of interest: Is he a consumer understanding expert, data expert, idea giver or consultant? Or will the machine and someone who can operate it be enough in the future? Exciting questions to discuss at the congress.

Discuss with us what our industry can do for the future. The participants expect an innovative specialist programme, ample opportunity for communication, exchange and networking as well as an evening event in a special ambience. So make a note of 20 and 21 May 2019 today.

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