Call for Papers 54th German Market Research Congress 2019

Do you have an exciting, empirical contribution to the following questions?

  • How can the future be predicted, modelled and shaped?
  • How can a successful business model (also) in the future be shaped by our industry?
  • What are the examples of intelligent method combinations for forecast/explanation of the future?
  • To what extent can once identified mechanisms be transferred to the future or other applications? What are the risks involved?
  • How can you deal with uncertainty? How do successful companies do this (e.g. with scenarios/"war gaming")? What contribution can self-learning systems ("machine learning") make?
  • Can we be inspired by other industries? What does it look like if we think outside the box, what can intelligent new/combined approaches be?
  • What does the market researcher of the future look like? Are the machines/algorithms and someone who can operate them sufficient? Or is there also a mix of proven, adapted and completely new skills here?
  • What can our industry contribute for the future?

Then apply with your contribution as a speaker for the industry highlight on 20-21.05.2019 in Hamburg!

submit your contribution
Deadlines Required Documents
By 28.01.2019 Summary of the contribution (12.000 characters), Abstract (500 characters), CV of the speaker (5 - 10 lines), Profile photo(s) (high resolution, 300 dpi)
By 29.04.2019 Final version of the presentation for the convention and password-protected area of the BVM website (20 - 25 slides)
02.-17.05.2019 Web meeting/discussion of the presentation

What awaits you?

  • A central platform for the exchange of industry knowledge and networking
  • An interested audience and the feedback of around 300 specialists and managers
  • Comprehensive advance communication through BVM and specialist media (digital and print)
  • The possibility of participating in the competition for the best congress lecture "Ulrike Schöneberg Award"
  • Follow-up reporting in BVM inbrief

Tips for a successful application

Present an original - Contributions that have already been presented or published in German-speaking regions (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) will not be approved for the convention. If you have already published or presented your contribution at an event outside of German-speaking regions, please inform the program committee accordingly.

Get to the point - Describe your idea or approach as precisely as possible, starting with the abstract (using about 500 characters). Make the decision easier for the program committee by expressing everything essential in your extended version (using about 12,000 characters).

Do not shy away from specializing - Illustrate what the special strengths of your contribution and your know-how are.

Meet the deadlines - Please note the specified submission dates.

Less is more - A maximum of two speakers will give presentations. For each contribution accepted into the convention program, one person is given the opportunity to attend the convention on the day of his/her presentation free of charge.

Present creatively - Limit the number of slides to 20 - 25.

Refrain from self-promotion - Rather than a sales pitch, your contribution has to be a professional and objective examination of an issue or problem.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Call for Papers

Are presentations submitted in response to this call for papers eligible for the German Market Research Award?
Before submitting your presentation, please decide whether you want to respond to this call for papers or compete for the German Market Research Award. Competing with the same
contribution in both competitions is not an option.

Who evaluates the submitted contributions?
The BVM Program Committee decides on the contributions, which will be part of the congress program.

Who serves in the BVM Program Committee?
The program committee members are market researchers who work in commercial and institutional settings. The members are excluded from submitting contributions in response to the
call for papers and may not compete for the German Market Research Award.

Who selects the "Best presentation" (Ulrike Schöneberg Award)?
The congress participants choose the best presentation by a live voting process.

When do people who responded to the call for papers learn whether their contribution was accepted?
First, we let you know that we received your contribution. If you do not receive such a confirmation of receipt, please contact us as early as possible. We will let you know whether we accepted your contribution by the end of February 2019.