Call for Papers EN German Market Research Congress, 20-21 June 2022 in Frankfurt am Main

What people really think
The practice check: How people and their behaviour can be successfully deciphered

Finally back to the events and meeting in person. This is the motto of the German Market Research Congress from 20 to 21 June 2022 in Frankfurt am Main. The German National Library really makes you want to hold a meeting and invite you to share know-how and meet. And the Frankfurter Botschaft at Westhafen provides an excellent setting for the evening event, where people can meet in a relaxed atmosphere.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Current sociological and psychological research findings on the image of man.
  • Best practices on human thought and behaviour: What do behavioural data, behavioural intentions, qualitative explorations, ethnographies and implicit procedures tell us?
  • State of the art in market and social research: groundbreaking studies as part of the competition for the 2022 innovation prize.
  • Tips for methodically and ethically correct and sustainable market research.
  • Inspirational insights from top speaker and comedian Florian Schroeder: With his satirical programmes, he dissects the state of mind of society and lets you see more clearly.

On the trail of human behaviour

The industry event “What people really think – the practice check: How people and their behaviour are successfully deciphered” will open with two keynotes that approach the congress topic from different perspectives: from the internal perspective of a market researcher and the external point of view of a prominent speaker from outside the industry. Current sociological and psychological research on the image of man is highlighted here. Thus, first of all, the image of the human being in the current everyday context is calibrated before it then goes into the depths of the methods.

PechaKucha is there again

The PechaKucha format was proven and well rated at the 2021 Congress: Like small espressos, seven topics are presented in high doses in short presentations. This is about current methods of human thinking and behaviour that can prove their worth in practice. What all the presentations have in common is that they are based on a company case from the consumer environment. The three best approaches determined by voting will then be examined in more detail in a panel discussion.

In the second part of the congress, aspects from professional practice are dealt with. In addition, it will be about the qualitative and moral responsibility of market research, because regardless of whether it is established or new: Society, business and politics must be able to trust the data from market research. The industry has a major social mandate here.

Comedian Florian Schroeder graduates

Another highlight is the German Market Research Award: The study with the greatest innovation performance receives the Innovation Award 2022, and the young researcher 2022 – BVM/VMÖ/ SWISS INSIGHTS in the master’s thesis and dissertation categories is awarded. The winning teams of BEST of FAMS 2022 will also have the opportunity to present their work to the public. The congress will be concluded by an absolute top speaker and comedian: Florian Schroeder. He has made a name for himself on TV and as a book author. With his satirical programmes, Schroeder regularly dissects the state of mind of society and will mark an entertaining end to the industry event.

Do you have an exciting, empirical contribution to the following questions?

  • Market research without respondents – Which stories tell passive behavioural data?
  • Social Media Monitoring – What the web knows about people.
  • Apparatus procedures – brain scans or automatic emotion recognition - how close do the devices really get to people?
  • Artificial Intelligence – In search of surprising patterns in data analytics.
  • Fusion of representative data with non-representative data and official statistics.
  • New qualitative processes; from online focus to online communities.
  • Implicit procedures and observational market research – How does research for unconscious motives work without bias?

Then apply by 31.01.2022 with your contribution as a speaker for the industry highlight on 20 and 21 June 2022 in Frankfurt am Main.

What awaits you?

  • A central platform for the exchange of industry knowledge and networking
  • An interested audience and the feedback of around 200 specialists and managers
  • Comprehensive advance communication through BVM and specialist media (digital and print)
  • Follow-up reporting in BVM and trade press publications

Tips for a successful application

  • Present an original - Contributions that have already been presented or published in German-speaking regions (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) will not be approved for the convention. If you have already published or presented your contribution at an event outside of German-speaking regions, please inform the program committee accordingly.
  • Get to the point - Describe your idea or approach as precisely as possible. Make the decision easier for the program committee by expressing everything essential in your abstract (using about 4,000 characters).
  • Do not shy away from specializing - Illustrate what the special strengths of your contribution and your know-how are.
  • Meet the deadlines - Please note the specified submission dates.
  • Less is more - A maximum of two speakers will give presentations. For each contribution accepted into the convention program, one person is given the opportunity to attend the convention on the day of his/her presentation free of charge.
  • Present creatively - Limit the number of slides to 20 - 25.
  • Refrain from self-promotion - Rather than a sales pitch, your contribution has to be a professional and objective examination of an issue or problem.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Call for Papers

  • Are presentations submitted in response to this call for papers eligible for the German Market Research Award?
  • Before submitting your presentation, please decide whether you want to respond to this call for papers or compete for the German Market Research Award. Competing with the same contribution in both competitions is not an option.
  • Who evaluates the submitted contributions?
  • The BVM Program Committee decides on the contributions, which will be part of the congress program.
  • Who serves in the BVM Program Committee?
  • The program committee members are market researchers who work in commercial and institutional settings. The members are excluded from submitting contributions in response to the call for papers and may not compete for the German Market Research Award.
  • When do people who responded to the call for papers learn whether their contribution was accepted?
  • First, we let you know that we received your contribution. If you do not receive such a confirmation of receipt, please contact us as early as possible. We will let you know whether we accepted your contribution by the end of February 2022.